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How often do you change your vehicle's oil? Have you had your spark plugs & air filter check recently?
By servicing regularly you can reduce the risk of mechanical failure through early detection of deteriorating parts.
At Wills Automotive we are happy to provide our customers with regular check ups, offering further assessments even at minor services.
We strive to keep you on the road and keep the cost of repairs down!

What We Can Provide For You

WOF Inspections
Our customer's on road safety is important to us and we take great pride in carrying out thorough WOF inspections to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy.

Repairs to most makes and models
We can carry out mechanical repairs to most makes and models of cars and light commercials.

Full & Minor Services
For a basic check up and service on your vehicle we can change your engine oil and filter, check and top up all other fluids levels such as brake fluid, coolant, power steer fluid, battery, transmission, diff oil and washer bottle.

For a more extensive service on your vehicle we can inspect and replace spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, pollen filter, drive belts, tyres, check your brake pad condition and inspect the undercarriage of your vehicle.

Using our diagnostic equipment we are able to scan most vehicles to extract fault codes, reset engine check lights and service lights.

Tyre Services
We can supply, fit and balance new tyres for most makes of cars and light commercial vehicles.

Pre-purchase checks
At Wills Automotive we offer our customers the service of pre-purchase checks. This is highly recommended when purchasing a new vehicle.

Clutch & Brake Repairs
Supply and fit brake pads, machine or replace rotors, replace wheel cylinders (if needed) and replace rear brake shoes (where applicable).

Complete clutch overhaul and/or hydraulics such as clutch master and slave cylinder repairs.
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Cambelt Replacements
Replace cam belts on most makes and models. Depending on vehicle milage, we can replace cam belts only or with all other related components such as water pump, tensioners and oil seals.

Suspension Repairs
Replacement of shock absorbers, ball joints, control arms, sway-bar links, tie-rod ends, rack ends, steering racks, steering and CV boots, CV joints and coil springs.

General Electrical Diagnostics
Replacement and repair of starter motors, alternators and general electrical faults such as batteries, lights, indicators, horns and wipers.
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Friendly, Trustworthy & Affordable

At Wills Automotive we strive to offer our wide range of mechanical services at the most affordable and cost-effective prices.

Our Head Mechanic Trevor is always willing to give personal attention to both the job and the customer. Using his 30+ years of experience in the game we can act as service advisors or simply follow your servicing instructions to ensure that no work is done on your vehicle without your approval.

If some parts of your vehicle can be re-used without compromising safety and job quality, we can do so to keep costs down. We consult with you to give you the option of using genuine new parts or after-market (non genuine) new parts.

We understand that communication is key! Get in touch with Trevor or our friendly and experienced team today!

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